The opening statement

This is a blog about celebrities.  The celebrities in question are Taylor Swift and her band, the Agency.  The band received their name after making the video for Taylor’s “Picture to Burn” in which they got to dress in suits.

The Agency
The Agency in Picture to Burn (Source: Big Machine Records)

From left to right: Ben Clark, Paul Sidoti, Amos Heller, Taylor Swift, Caitlin Evanson, Grant Mickelson and Al Wilson.

The band’s current members, in no particular order, are:

All the members were hand picked by Taylor herself.  Al Wilson is considered the leader.  Emily Poe used to play fiddle and chose a career in law. Caitlin Evanson took over.  Ben Clark used to play banjo but was pursuing other opportunities during the Fearless tour.  It was Mike Meadows who joined the band playing the banjo, mandolin, keyboard, guitar… this guy’s talented.  Ben Clark was the banjo player during the Crossroads sessions with Def Leppard.

They often figure in Taylor’s videos, specially in her video blogs.  Her video blogs are a bit dated by now, we all wish she would come back to them, but you can picture what her schedule must be like now. Update: She has managed to post up a new one now and then.

(Source: Big Machine Records)