Backstage with Taylor Swift

Fresh off her win as Entertainer of the Year, Taylor meets the press backstage at the CMA Awards 2009.  She discusses her rise to stardom, finding the next challenge, and dodges a couple of zingers.

I love the way she goes “I’m sorry” after being told a lot of people had to work hard to keep up with her.

Now I guess after so many you-know-what jokes, one member of the press felt compelled to ask about it all over again… Something you can tell she doesn’t appreciate.  Although you might think Taylor invited those questions again, the truth is that when Taylor made that joke about thanking people “not to run onstage during the speech” she was only half joking.  She was actually thankful about nobody was trying that as a joke all over again.  Because, unless you didn’t get the message, it’s really really old (remember the hollywood dish skit on SNL? That’s what the subtext was: stop asking).

She does address what people like to call her meteoric rise to fame.  While mainstream media didn’t know about Taylor Swift until the VMAs, the Pennsylvania native did win the Horizon Award at the CMAs in 2007 as well as having her albums go platinum long time before the incident (I can’t really bring myself to talk about it either).

There’s a funny bit when she even gets to play coy about the usual Taylor Lautner questions.  Everybody knows she’s playing coy, everybody is in on the joke, and when they move on nobody is surprised.

And that’s all we have time for.  Have a good weekend everyone!

(Source: ABC, CMA Awards 2009, YouTube)