What does an artist do after she has won Entertainer, Vocalist, Album and Video of the Year? In Taylor’s case, she goes to London, England. Or how she calls it after several trips, “Fundon” (where they call her Taylah).  Hope she enjoys her stay! She was a guest at the Paul O’Grady show this Wednesday the 18th.

On Twitter, the Agency members are raving about meeting Henry Winkler when they played on the Paul O’Grady show.

News on this side? Well.. We’re kinda dry.  Taylor has been recently selected for a special InStyle cover with 3D effects when held up in front of a webcam.

She’s partnering with American Greetings to release a line of greeting cards.  I’m pretty sure  that’s exciting.  For someone.  Somewhere.

Can’t wait for YouTube to start popping up some videos of her London stay.  Please.  No news on this side of the pond when you guys got Taylor and the gang over there!

She performs at the Wembley Stadium on Monday November 23.

In the meantime, check out the Paul O’ Grady interview. It’s a good one!  She shows off a fan gift, talks about heartbreak and… Taylor.  Paul goes for the Taylor Lautner question and doesn’t let go.  Paul asks her if he’s treating her right. Cornered, Taylor replies: “I will… tell him you say hi.” Yes, that’s what she says – I’ve seen misquotes all over the web.  Paul lets her get away with that and talks about the CMA and her cereal celebration.

Here’s the interview on YouTube. Not sure how long it will remain there, so watch it while you can:

I want to give props to Paul for being classy and not even caring to mention the VMA incident.  Seems just about every other interview in London has to touch the topic.  Great interview, my favorite from London so far.

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  1. Love your blog and all the news about Taylor AND her very nice and down-to-earth yet incredibly talented and loyal band. Thanks for putting it all together here 🙂 Hope more people discover this site.

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