Too much Taylor Swift? Or is that too little?

I think mainstream media has Swift withdrawals.  Since Taylor and the Agency are in London going out for pizza (btw, check out Liz in her own cute outfit here), a lot of websites are just scraping the bottom of the barrel for news.

  • TMZ reported a copyright infrigement with a bar playing Taylor’s songs. Not newsworthy enough? Hey there’s a song called Cocaine mentioned. The one chance we will ever get to use the word “cocaine” and “Taylor Swift” in a sentence. Yes, I know I’m laying on the sarcasm a bit thick here. They even used a low quality screen capture on the article just for that extra sleezy look. Dude, I’m sure she doesn’t even know about it. UPDATE: Although TMZ broke the news, it was later sourced by other websites, who since then have learned this is just BMI and printed retractions regarding Taylor: JustJared and Philly2Philly.
  • Anything Hollywood reports one fan was left without an autograph after waiting eleven hours.  She came back to her hotel past midnight and for once, no autographs were signed. Ok, we get it. Taylor usually will do anything to please her fans. I’m sure she’s going to be sad to hear this one. But at least the article gives Taylor the benefit of the doubt.  Apparently the fan was very vocal about it and was heard yelling “I’m selling my ticket on ebay.” Dude, I’d buy it off you.
  • Newschannel 5 reports one link from Taylor’s website brought fans to a scalping site. Yes, I understand it’s newsworthy, scalping is a serious crime and an epic webmaster fail, but when you get right down to it you’re reporting a wrong link on a website.
  • Sawf news took one line (wah wah wah) sang by Joe Jonas in a concert to rekindle the bitter breakup between him and Taylor. Yeah… we think Taylor did it better with her SNL musical monologue. Yes, I’m aware that doesn’t work outside the US.  I’m in Canada here and can’t watch it either but NBC has pulled off all the posts from YouTube already. You can see the Joe Jonas clip though. It’s barely worth a glance to be honest, he just says wah wah wah during a line.
  • An article at CMT reports there are still some lingering doubts on people’s heads (or blogs) on whether Taylor deserved the CMA Award for Vocalist of the Year.  This is going to be around for a while, so I will probably give it a blog entry of its own.

And of course The Swift Agency Blog is also at fault for doing a piece on how the media is scrounging for news… sorry, guess I’m guilty of the same thing I’m denouncing. Heh 🙂

Caitlin Evanson tweeted that Eunice just put something on her Facebook.  I didn’t know she had one. I’d better go look.  Man, I could go to London for some pizza about now.