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Taylor Swift on the cover of InStyle magazine
(Source: InStyle)

The december edition of InStyle hit the stand with Taylor Swift on the front page.  It comes with a video gimmick.  You hold it up to your webcam and on the instyle website a bow appears on the magazine.  Then it untangles and Taylor Swift welcomes you to her InStyle video shoot while snowflakes fall down. You need to install a plug-in to see it but it’s cute (it better be because that’s all the reason why I bought the magazine for) although a bit short.

Of course there’s an article and pictures on Taylor inside.

I know I still owe this blog an entry on the online debate on Taylor’s qualifications as CMA Female Vocalist of the Year.  To tell you the truth I’m not sure I want to open that Pandora’s box here.  If you want to read on it, follow this article on CMT. People are polarized either for or against, and although I want to be as objective as I can… Ok, I can’t say that one with a straight face, sorry.  I am obviously a fan of Taylor Swift and the Agency.

Instead I’m going to do an entry on some tasty little morsels of news.

First off, @elizabethhuett seems to have done her first serious twitter.  WTG, Liz!  I finally decided to add her to the list of Agency member twitters I have on the right column (sorry but she barely added anything before).  It’s pretty nifty to be able to see what they’re all up to (and kind of creepy since it makes me look like a stalker).  Of course, Al Wilson remains out of reach.

CNN international ran a piece on Taylor complete with interview and viewer’s questions.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that Taylor has not been in London since last May and therefore the old ghost of the VMA incident hounds all these interviews.  Taylor is trying to appear as poised as she can but she finds herself once again having to explain why she’s not addressing that subject again.

Also, an old video of a day in Taylor Swift’s gig as opener for Rascal Flatts has surfaced. This is an earlier Agency, when Ben Clark played the banjo instead of Mike Meadows.  We do get to see Caitlin being her crazy self and Taylor trying to keep these “kids” in line.  Al Wilson doesn’t appear in the video, but he was part of the band as well.

That video gets me nostalgic.  Taylor was a star already in MySpace and a YouTube video blogger.  She was starting to break in, and her schedule was starting to fill up.  Nowadays as much as she wants to, she can’t make time for everyone.

PeopleMagazineOnline has an article saying that when the Taylors started dating, Lautner proposed marriage to Swifty.  The article says the parents urged them to wait.  I don’t buy it, but it’s going around the rumor mill.

This is another interview from London.  It’s Taylor Swift on This Morning.  I’m not a huge fan of this clip.  The presenter does a lousy segway into another VMA incident question. But we still get to see and hear Taylor and that’s always a good thing.

(Sources: InStyle,, Twitter, YouTube, CNN International, PeopleMagazineOnline, This Morning)

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