AMAs: The winner’s name starts with a T

© Kevin Mazur,
© Kevin Mazur,

The American Music Awards were on tonight.  It’s a show that wants to be a lot of things and according to this blogger, didn’t have much of a success tonight.

Taylor and the gang were performing at Wembley Arena the very next day.  They were in London via satellite.

Taylor won almost everything:

  • Best Adult Contemporary
  • Best Country Album of the Year (produced with Nathan Chapman)
  • Best Pop/Rock Female
  • Best Country Female
  • Artist of the Year

Her only loss was Pop/Rock Album of the Year, to Michael Jackson. Michael’s only loss was Artist of the Year, to Taylor.

I honestly thought the CMAs was a much better show, but we did get to see a lot of performances.  Keith Urban performed his hit I want to kiss a girl.  Carrie Underwood got to perform Cowboy Casanova complete with dancers on stage, similar to the CMAs.  Both were also nominated.  Keith won for Country Male.  Carrie, along with Reba and Taylor, was nominated for Country Female.  Reba was on hand to present an award.

Despite the returns of Rihanna, Eminem, J. Lo and the great Whitney Houston there was little content.  Lady Gaga’s performance was off the wall, and raised more than one eyebrow… in a good way.  Adam Lambert closed the show and also raised some eyebrows… but not in a good way.  Jermaine’s acceptance speech for Michael Jackson was painful to watch.

Taylor accepted her three televised awards (Pop/Rock Female, Country Female and Artist of the Year) via satellite.  During her Artist of the Year award she sent her best to the Jackson Family and to Janet Jackson (Taylor doesn’t forget Janet sent her flowers after the VMAs).

Gloriana won T-Mobile’s Breakthrough Artist . They bested Lady Gaga. That was epic.  You know Gloriana, right? It’s the country band who opens for… wait for it… Taylor Swift.

Here’s her acceptance speech for Pop/Rock Female in YouTube, no idea if this will remain up:

Here’s the acceptance speech for Country Female, also in YouTube so can’t really say if this will stay:

And her acceptance speech for Artist of the Year. Again, it’s from YouTube, so watch it while you can:

Good luck at Wembley Arena to Taylor and the Agency as they perform at Wembley Arena on Monday (November 23, 2009).

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