Everyone’s best friend

If someone has a better title for the Fearless One, I’d like to hear it.  Swifty is making friends in all genres lately.

(Source: XMFan.com)

A group that is gaining notoriety by being less than six degrees from Taylor Swift is the Nashville rock band Luna Halo.  Taylor included a cover of their song Untouchable in the Platinum Edition (Taylor wanted to call it the Super Jedi Ninja Version but that never happened) and chose to sing it live in her Saturday Night Live appearance.

You can read the article and interview with Nathan Barlowe of Luna Halo at Tennessean.com. The original Untouchable was written by Nathan and Cary Barlowe but Taylor’s cover has been changed significantly enough that the guys gave her co-writing credit for it.

The song ended up on Fearless Platinum Edition.

As previously reported, Taylor made sure Justin Bieber was ok after he took a nasty spill opening at Wembley Stadium before T-Swizzle’s turn to perform.  Justin’s pain was our gain, as we are now rewarded with the one thing we haven’t had in ages. A video blog with Taylor in YouTube and posted via Twitter @justinbieber.

In other Swift friends news, Gloriana was recently interviewed by OK! Magazine.  The country group members, Tom and Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball talked about Taylor’s advice to the female members of the Nashville foursome.  Rachel calls her “Oprah” when she gives guy advice to both she and Cheyenne.  You can read the full article here.

Don’t miss Taylor on NBC’s People of Year special, November 26 at 9PM EST.

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