With a little help from Taylor Swift

(Source: Flynet)

Taylor rocked the Evening News Arena at Manchester as her Fearless tour conquers the UK.  Her previous concert at Wembley Arena left no doubt as to why Taylor was worthy of her title as CMA’s Entertainer of the Year and AMA’s Artist of the Year.

Not one to hug the spotlight alone, Taylor has been sharing the love – and I’m not talking about the 13,000 pounds she gave to BBC’s Children in Need.

She made sure Justin Bieber was ok after the Canadian youngster fractured his foot at Wembley Arena.  Justin was the opening act for the UK chapter of the Fearless tour.  He recovered for the concert at Manchester.

Over in the US, Taylor was also partly responsible for the success of the surprise Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Gloriana, during the American Music Awards.

Yes, a country group from Nashville beat Lady Gaga herself.

In their acceptance speech they were gracious enough to acknowledge that mainstream media didn’t know who they were: “We’re Gloriana, we’re a country group from Nashville. Can we get a show of hands real quick, everybody who said who the heck is Gloriana?”

(Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

They started by thanking Taylor herself as she handpicked them to open the US chapter of her Fearless tour.

Fan-voted awards imply that if you’re a fan you must vote.  As American Idol and all its incarnations have shown us, great stars often lose in the voting without enough support.  Gloriana had the advantage of exposure to Taylor Swift fans which are very tech savvy.

Congratulations, Gloriana.  Mainstream media, you need to catch up.

Taylor Swift and the Agency are traveling back to the US.  She’s supposed to fill in for Ryan Seacrest as radio host on American Top 40 over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Somebody get a camera in there…

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