The Taylor Year

NBC’s People of the Year aired on the peacock network on November 26.  Matt Lauer left the best for last:

The interview is a bit short.  Honestly, Matt, you could have left out the piece on the “octo-mom” and given us a bit more Taylor time.  I can’t blame Matt for bringing up for the upteenth time the infamous VMA incident… actually, yes I can.  I can’t believe that of all the things you could’ve asked the Fearless One about it, the one Matt comes up with is: “what was going through your mind”.  I know it’s the most obvious but it feels abit cheap.

Taylor explains she was confused and for a moment thought she’d done something wrong (suddenly I hate he-who-shall-not-be-named again).  When Matt asks Taylor if she even knew what was being said, her reaction is very human.  Yes, she did and she understood the message.  After that she goes into focusing on all the support she got.

Update: There’s an extra tidbit about Taylor baking cookies (all together now: awwww!). Thanks to JasminesSPott for posting this one and to TaySwiftOnline for letting everybody know it existed.

Another cool thing is that we learn Lorne Michaels confirmed that Taylor was indeed the author of the Monologue Song (La La La).


In other news, Taylor Swift will be the guest DJ replacing Ryan Seacrest on the American Top 40 over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Taylor usually spends Thanksgiving with the family on her mother’s side.  “They’re all on my mom’s side and they’re all women and they’re really loud, they’re obnoxiously loud,” says Taylor. “And they all have this genetic cackle, and they stand in the kitchen and it’s the loudest sound. It like breaks sound barriers. It’s like out of a movie.”

On top of that she will be counting down the top 40 hits this weekend and answering fan questions.

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