The American Top 40 with Taylor Swift (a.k.a. DJ Swifty)

DJ Swifty
(Source: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)

Taylor Swift was the guest DJ host replacing Ryan Seacrest on the radio show the American Top 40 this weekend.  Thanks sooo much to TheAshleighAR for posting this so we could listen to it! Update: Ever since, her account has been suspended.

Taylor took quite a few jabs at Ryan Seacrest’s absence and did some silly jokes all around.  She takes some pre-recorded fan questions.  She was renamed DJ Swifty during the broadcast. The laughs in the background are the staffers.

She managed to send shout outs to Katy Perry and Colbie Callait, express her admiration for Shakira, Rihanna and Boys Like Girls.

Don’t miss the answer to the last fan question. Once again, she’s asked to set the record straight about Taylor Lautner. Actually, you’re going to miss it – she dodges it again. Masterfully.

Ok, enough – let’s hear it DJ Swifty herself.  Sorry, these are audio only.

Part 1: Don’t miss her on air impersonation of Shakira (audio only).

Part 2: Some love for Katy Perry and Taylor gets a new nickname (audio only).

Part 3: Taylor reveals she’s going to be 20 real soon and she gets a voicemail from Justin Bieber (audio only).

Part 4: The last question is about Taylor Lautner… and she dodges it by playing another song. Swifty indeed (audio only).

Update: It hurts me to say it, but the links to these are no longer available. If I ever find a way to link to these again, I will update this entry.

You can find her answers to more fan questions at

(Sources: TheAshleighAR, American Top 40, YouTube,, Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions)