The Top 10 “Taylorisms” from Taylor Swift

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For your consideration, the Top 10 Taylorisms collected from YouTube videos.  Some of these repeat themselves on a number of events, some only happened once or twice but they were memorable. Some are funny and others are just quirky. Feel free to add additional ones in the comments if you think I’ve missed any obvious ones.

10.  “I used to hate my hair”
(Source: YouTube, Loose Women)

She used to hate her hair being curly and wanted her hair to be straight. Now her curly hair is her signature feature.

Bonus: She used to do a joke with her hair for the old intro to Picture To Burn. Funny stuff! This is when she used to open for Brad Paisley. The performance starts at about the middle of the video:

9. Her Minnesota soccer mom impression
(Source: YouTube, Switch With Annie and Nick, BBC)

Taylor gives you an impression of a character she calls ‘Minnesota Soccer Mom’ with the disclaimer that this is not necessarily what a soccer mom from Minnesota would sound like, it’s just something in her head.  If you can’t take it in good fun, don’t play the video.

8. “Fun fact of the day”
(Source: YouTube, The Hot Desk)

She’s used this phrase a couple of times, followed by a made-on-the-spot statistic: “99.9% of the people…”

For the example, here’s a really fun interview she did on the Hot Desk earlier this year (May 2009).

As a bonus, in this interview she admits to wearing glasses.  Most fans know this because she wears them on a few video blogs, but some people have no clue.

7. “My album is just my diary put to music”
(Source: YouTube, Take 40)

This is how she has described her album Fearless several times.  It was also how she accepted Album of the Year at the CMA Awards (November 2009).  I’m trying to give you different interviews that you might have not seen so you don’t get bored. This one is from Take 40, all the way in Australia.

6. “Paparazzi Girl”
(Source: YouTube, MSN)

Taylor loves video recording and editing. The times she’s been given a camera by anyone, she turns into “annoying paparazzi girl” as she has described herself in more than one occasion. Here’s an interview where she mentions it.

Bonus: video blogging for the Ellen Degeneres Show for the Grammy’s in 2009.  She was nominated for Best New Artist. Didn’t win.

5. “If boys don’t want me to write songs about them, then they shouldn’t do bad things”
(Source: YouTube, Fearless Tour, CMA Awards)

This is the phrase that usually leads into the song Forever and Always, inspired by her breakup with Joe Jonas.  She also says it a number of times whenever she gets asked about naming real names in her songs.  Here’s the first interview she did for Paul O’Grady back in May 2009. There’s a bunch of stuff here. Listen to her Dolly Parton impression, it’s really cute.

4. “I love you too!”
(Source: YouTube, MSN)

This is Taylor Swift response to the usual fan yell of “We love you!”. You might think this is unoriginal – but she will turn her head and answer every time. The quintessential example is this old interview where she wasn’t headlining just yet. She’s in the middle of an interview and she still reacts automatically.

3. “This is the best day ever”
(Source: YouTube, The Ellen Degeneres show, Taylor Swift)

A very often said phrase actually, one that she may use more than any here in her private life. Here it is when she meets Justin Timberlake on November 2008:

Bonus: Watch Taylor’s own CMA Nominations for 2009. At the end of the video she admits she uses this phrase a bit too often.

2. “What?”
(Source: YouTube, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Paul O’Grady Show)

This is the usual response every time she gets asked about Taylor Lautner.  Best example comes from Ellen. It’s a long video, thought. They get to Taylor Lautner around the middle.

However, it has backfired once.  She didn’t timed it right and ended up on the hot seat with Paul O’Grady. Taylor is so polite she couldn’t ignore her host and needed to come up with an answer quick. Paul is nice, so he did let get away with the answer nevertheless. The interview, second on that show, also figures yet another example of her phrase: “If boys don’t want me to write songs about them, then they shouldn’t do bad things” said already in the same show earlier in the year.

1. “I wasn’t expecting to win [Insert Award Here]”
(Source: YouTube, CMA Awards)

Yes, and we were not expecting the Spanish Inquisition!

This is the phrase we hear most from Taylor lately.  She always gets in the mindset of not expecting to win. To quote John Mayer, Taylor Swift is the last person who knows she’s Taylor Swift.  Perfect example would be her crowning achievement, the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award. Here is the backstage interview on it. See if you can catch yet another example of her usual “What” response to the Taylor Lautner questions!

Taylor Swift’s is performing at KIIS FM Jingle Ball in New York on December 11, 2009.

Taylor Lautner is hosting Saturday Night Live on December 12, 2009.  Some reference to T-Swizzy is expected.

Swifty’s birthday is on the 13th (if you didn’t know that, GET OUT)

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