Straight up! Taylor with straight hair?

(Source: INF Daily)

I must confess I didn’t recognize the Fearless One at all in this picture. To tell you the truth, I still have problems believing that’s Taylor myself.

Taylor Swift is in New York City. She was in a photo shoot all day. Judging from the pictures, they did the one thing she once struggled with when she was younger: straightening out her curly hair. Either that or that’s a wig. We’ll have to wait to find out.

She then went to dinner at the Otto restaurant with her friend Emma Stone.  According to her twitter, after that they wandered around candy stores.

She’s scheduled to play at the Z100 Jingle Bell Ball in the Big Apple this Friday (December 11). Then she will probably watch her friend Taylor Lautner’s turn at hosting SNL on Saturday night.  She turns the big 20 on Sunday. Perhaps that’s why she’s experimenting with a new look.

All cool, but she better bring back the curls.

You can see more of her on OceanUp’s article and The Gossip Girls.

Updated: Confirmed by a second source. Also, there’s a second part to this story if you want to read it.

(Source: INF Daily,,, The Gossip Girls, Twitter)

5 thoughts on “Straight up! Taylor with straight hair?

  1. I am a huge Taylor fan… And that isn’t Taylor here are the facts
    1) her bangs aren’t cut that short
    2) her hair isn’t that short
    3) that’s not what her face looks like
    4) she would NEVER wear stockings like that!
    I know you say “she’s trying out a new style” but I know her

  2. Hannah, you made a good case but now there’s a second source using the pictures from INF Daily ( I’m going to call this one confirmed with reservations. I will revisit this article if/when I get more info. Thanks for all the comments.

  3. That is Taylor and she is actually just wearing a wig in those pictures. She did a photo shoot for Elle Magazine on Wednesday for the cover, whether the photos featured Taylor in this wig or several or Taylor is just wearing it to cover her hair and achieve a small measure of anonymity it’s hard to say until the photo shoot is released or the magazine comes out.

    But that is actually Taylor Swift in the photos. In one of them you can see her business manager behind her.

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