Iron Swift stops for pancakes

Mayer and Swift (Source:

Relax, she’s not going metal.

Last Friday (December 11, 2009) Taylor showed that she’s not only a cross-genre superstar but a person who has learn the very important lesson of sharing. Although she had the final set of the Z100 Jingle Bell Ball she also came out to sing for the collaboration tunes she had made with both Boys Like Girls (Two is Better Than One) and John Meyer (Half of My Heart).

Another singing star of the event, Ke$ha, has declared she wouldn’t mind doing a collaboration with Taylor Swift.

Taylor has also given all of us a lesson in giving as she donated $250,000 to education.

John Meyer was on the Ellen show today and talked about the seemingly unstoppable Taylor. Jokingly, he said he was willing to help a rising star, but truthfully he acknowledge Taylor’s true character. He couldn’t believe that Taylor has been surprised at the growing mountain of accolades she keeps winning. Now, after meeting and working with the Fearless One, he has no doubt that Taylor is the genuine article.

In a backstage look at the Jingle Bell Ball event, we recently learned that Taylor Swift always packs an iron with her. No, not that kind of iron – this one:

Oh, that kind of iron! (Source:

See? It has her name and everything. If she had been carrying it during the VMAs… nevermind.

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We also know that on her birthday (December 13, 2009) she went for a pancake lunch with Valentine’s Day co-star Taylor Lautner. There’s a picture of them from the back. A bit blurry, but it seems to be them. I know the Fearless One tends to overload her purse and that is one of the hats she likes to use. Heights and builds also match.

Taylor (the one with the purse who does not play karate kid with dummies) will not be able to attend the premiere of her first feature film.  She will be touring in Australia at the time for the first part of her Fearless Tour 2010.

Regarding her role in the film, it’s mainly a secondary story. She plays Samantha Kenny, a character that Swifty has admitted she based off some of the girls that didn’t like her in high school.

Taylor’s Fearless, released November 11, 2008 (with a “launch party” by Ellen Degeneres), is finishing the year in the top slot on the year-end Top Billboard 200 Albums list. Her first self-titled album is No. 24.

Fearless has been on the list for a year and has yet to leave the top 25 on the chart.

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