Taylor Swift voted Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press

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Didn’t we do this one already?

Well, no. The Associated Press chose the Entertainer of the Year by counting votes by newspaper editors and broadcast producers across the country in a survey of AP members. So this time the Taylor Nation had nothing to do with it.

“I am so honored and so excited,” said the Fearless one when reached via phone. “This was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful.”

To quote the almost-eternally-curly one “golden and shiny and I’ll remember forever.” Hosting “SNL” was one of those.

“That entire week was life-changing, honestly,” said DJ Swifty. “It makes you feel so thankful to be a part of the music industry, but more than that, to me, ‘SNL’ is show business.”

You can read the original google-hosted AP article here.

Taylor has been going toe to toe in yearly album sales with Susan Boyle. Taylor’s Fearless, which has sold 2.7 million copies, goes against I Dreamed a Dream which currently has sold 1.8 million.  You can read about it in People. Fearless was originally released in November 2008, and has a total draw of 4.8 million units.

In other news, Taylor was among the celebrities whose YouTube account got hacked by someone with malicious intent. I am happy to report her page and videos have been now restored back to normal. Whew.

Taylor Swift along with other celebrities were recently mentioned as the top charitable celebrities of the year. The top spot goes to the Grateful Dead for raising $400,000 for charity and giving away tickets to their Spring Tour. The band with that guy that only took 27 seconds to break with Taylor over the phone is also mentioned. Here’s the article from MTV News, which talks about the article from Extra, which came originally from the CharityFolks.com. I get right down to the source here at the Swift Agency 😉

Catch Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night Live episode again this Saturday, December 26 (2009). She’s up for yet more awards on January 6th, when the People’s Choice Awards take place.

(Source: Associated Press, People, YouTube, MTV News, Extra, CharityFolks.com, Getty Images)