Taylor’s Christmas

(Source: Mandy Lunn)

Update: Taylor’s new song from the Valentine’s Day soundtrack, Today Was A Fairytale, will be released digitally on January 19th.  The full soundtrack is scheduled for release on February 9th.

What did you get on Christmas? If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you probably asked for the Fearless One herself. No, I didn’t get her either.

If you’re Taylor Swift, it was more of what did you give. In her case, it was the most precious commodity she has: her time.

Tay performed at the Monroe Carell Jr’s Children’s Hospital for a crowd of patients and their families at Vanderbilt in Nashville. More pictures at the Tennessean.com.

Swifty was also recently voted as Breakthrough Artist of the Year at Popeater.com. Forty-two percent of over 58K voters picked Swift. 29 percent chose Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle. Lady Gaga was third with 25 percent of the vote.

The upcoming movie, Valentine’s Day, is generating quite a buzz.  In a new featurette, you get to hear a fragment of Swifty’s new song: Today Was A Fairytale.  Taylor Squared (that’s Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, as if you didn’t know) makes a cameo appearance, finally locking lips on screen. Read the original article at Just Jared, Jr. The album is scheduled to be released on February 9th, 2010. Also included in the soundtrack is Jump Then Fall from Fearless Platinum Edition.

Let’s go to the video!

Speaking about Susan, the album sales race for the yearly top spot is heating up. Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream is now a 2.5 million sales. The Fearless One’s… uh, Fearless, of course, has sold close to 3 million. More details at the Examiner.com.  Considering Fearless was released November 2008, Susan’s rise is pretty impressive. However if we add in those two months, Fearless total sales so far is actually close to five million. Do not underestimate the Fearless One.

Speaking of Fearless, the fifth single has been released. It’s the actual Fearless track. My personal favorite.

For those who have missed it, Taylor’s website has received a complete makeover. To top it off, there’s a welcoming message from T-Swizzle herself right up front. A message she did while her hair was straight – sure to fire off another volley of OMG OMG SHE’S STRAIGHTENING HER HAIR again. Relax. She filmed the welcoming bit earlier in the famous magazine shoot that we’ve yet to see. Go watch the welcoming message at TaylorSwift.com.

You did that on purpose, didn’t you Tay? 😉

And finally, earlier in this month (December 16, 2009) there was an article in Earsucker.com about how Miley Cirus was trying to get Taylor Swift to get her own tatoo. You can read the original unconfirmed piece, complete with dialog transcription, here. Sounds more like a spoof or a jest, but a few websites are picking it up including spoof sites as well. I don’t buy it and neither should you.

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