Taylor Swift wins People’s Choice Favorite Female Artist

(Source: taylorswiftpictures.net)

I didn’t enjoy watching the People’s Choice Awards. It was a very jarring exercise and I must confess I watched it solely to catch one curly blonde singer’s appearance.

Favorite Country Artist went to Carrie Underwood.  I was rooting for Taylor, but I will congratulate and be happy for Carrie winning as well. It was great to see Carrie on stage and I did see Taylor clapping for her too.

Favorite Pop Artist went to Lady Gaga. Again, I was rooting for Taylor here but Lady Gaga was also a deserving recipient. This was an unaired victory for Lady Gaga who also won for Favorite Breakout Music Artist. It was unfair that both her wins would not be announced on the show. Fans who voted for her didn’t get to see her accept or even get their artist name announced.

The Fearless One did win Favorite Female Artist in all genres. She came on stage to loud applause and thanked her fans for getting her there. It was her first ever People’s Choice Awards, It’s up to us the fans to make sure that’s not her only one.

Taylor Lautner accepted for Breakout Movie Actor. Taylor (the curly one) stood up for him, which was a nice friendly gesture 🙂

Now I will congratulate all artist on their wins, but I didn’t quite enjoy the pacing of the show and the decision to cut off a lot of awards from being announced. Too little awards and too much pre-recorded video segments. Parodies were fun, but burn time.  And a complete commercial disguised as a video segment inside the show? I’m sorry. I didn’t like that. I would’ve preferred to see Lady Gaga accept one of her two awards.

Here’s Taylor winning the award:

(Source: People’s Choice Awards, CBS, peopleschoice.com, taylorswiftpictures.net)