Dim that spotlight. An editorial

(Source: Faith-Ann Young)

Give me a photograph to hang on my wall… Superstar.

Taylor has gone a long way from being the struggling artist with that number 60 billboard hit, Tim McGraw. You can hear the phone call conversation between her and Tim McGraw himself on the special edition of the Taylor Swift album. He called her fearless all the way back then.

But now she’s reached that superstar status in which meet and greets can’t be setup for every single person who attends her concerts. Her schedule doesn’t allow for her to sit down and edit one of her hilarious video blogs.  It’s been a long time since she has done an online video chat. And the fans miss those days.

Fans always want more time of their superstars.  Superstars have less and less time and more and more fans. It’s a losing battle that a lot of us are coming to grips with.

(Source: Faith-Ann Young)

Don’t get me wrong. Swifty is still Fearless. We’re all happy for her success. We all knew the time would come when she’d really be big. We just want to remain in touch. Granted, it will never be as it was before, but we’re hoping for Tay to find a way. I haven’t lost faith in the Fearless One yet.

I’m concerned for her status as a country artist. Mainstream media has been pushing Taylor into the pop world. Once, when talking about the issue of her songs playing in pop radio she addressed her crossover status. She said she didn’t like the word crossover because it implies you leave a place to go to another so she made up the term spillover to describe herself. I’m hoping for more country sound on her new album.

The other week at the People’s Choice Awards, I had a sinking feeling as Taylor lost the Country Female Artist award to Carrie Underwood. I was actually scared she’d win in the Pop category. These are fan-voted awards, and that for me would mean a direct message from fans on how they view her. As it happens, she didn’t. She won the Female Artist, leaving the question on where she wants to stand to Taylor herself. That was the best situation possible.

We’re all pulling for Taylor to survive in the spotlight. She’s battled the odds before, so if anybody can do it she can. But we will have to learn to share. Fans are notoriously bad at doing that. The Taylor Nation (that’s the official name of the Taylor Swift fandom, if you didn’t know) however, can be as fearless as Swifty herself. So don’t count Taylor out or her fans.

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Taylor’s new song from the Valentine’s Day soundtrack, Today Was A Fairytale, will be released digitally on January 19th.  The full soundtrack is scheduled for release on February 9th. The movie itself, which includes secondary roles for both Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, comes out on Valentine’s Day.

A new still was recently released from the movie that you can see to your left. Sorry I didn’t dedicate it a full post, but a still hardly seemed like enough material to blog about. Then again, that’s just my opinion 🙂

If you want to remember the days of the struggling Taylor, here’s a set of videos by GAC on YouTube. Thanks to TaylorSwiftPage for posting these.

Sorry for the nostalgic post! If you have any comments, feel free to pipe up. Taylor Swift will attend and perform at the Grammy awards on January 31st, when she is nominated for 8 different categories.

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