We’re All Fans: The Taylor Swift Poster

(Source: CBS)

Are you excited for the Grammys yet? CBS is unveiling several posters like this one for their Grammy promotion as well as a new website: We’re All Fans. I seem to like this one in particular for some reason.

The Grammy awards show will be airing January 31st on CBS. Taylor Swift has 8 nominations:

Record of the Year: You Belong With Me

Album of the Year: Fearless

Song of the Year: You Belong With Me

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: You Belong With Me

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals: Breathe – Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat

Best Female Country Vocal Performance: White Horse

Best Country Song: White Horse

Best Country Album: Fearless

(Source: New Line)

Not excited yet? How about this, New Line released a new promotional still for Valentine’s Day that features the Fearless One!

The movie is set to be released on February the 14th. Correction: the Valentine’s Day movie opens on February 12, not the 14th. This according to the official website.

A couple of goodies will be available earlier. The album, which contains two Taylor Swift songs, will be available on February 9th. The brand new song is called Today Was A Fairytale. The other song is Jump Then Fall which is already available with the Fearless Platinum Edition.

(Source: New Line)

For those who can’t wait (me included), Today Was A Fairytale will be available for download on January 19th. That’s what the single’s cover will look like on your left. I think you’ll have no trouble finding it on iTunes. Hopefully it also becomes available in Canada too…

And finally, if you’re not excited for the Grammy Awards yet (what are you, a robot?), here’s a way to psyche yourself up.

This short video features people singing Lady Gaga’s Poker Face but I’m wishing for a Taylor Swift version soon. As soon as that is up, I’ll post it as well.

Taylor Swift stopped at the Sound and Speed event in Nashville on January 9th, along with her family and friends, to meet the drivers. The event brings together country stars and NASCAR drivers for charity purposes.

She also donated $25,000 to the Wyomissing school district where she attended for three years. It’s part of her pledge to donate $250,000 to School’s education programs.

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