Thank you January… for Taylor Swift

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Taylor posted a new blog entry with pictures. That’s one with Caitlin Evanson and Grant Mickelson on your left. She gives a lot of thanks and…

What are you still doing here??? Go read it! I’ll be here when you get back.

Friday night, beneath the stars…

Back? Ok. She was also back on Twitter posting three times in a day and driving the fans, me included, crazy. I have something in my eye, I will be right back. Ok, I’m good.

Taylor’s hit, Fifteen has climbed from 12 to 10 in the Billboard, giving her another achievement. With this feat, Swift doubles her lead as the country-crossover artist with the most top 10s in the Pop Songs chart’s 17-year history. You can read the original article here.

(Source: Taylor Swift)

Here’s another great shot with Hayley Williams from Paramore on your right.

The Academy of Country Music Awards has been set for April 18. The gala will be broadcast live from Las Vegas, and hosted by Reba McEntire for the 12th time. The ACMs, not to be confused with the CMAs, gave the Entertainer of the Year award to Carrie Underwood last year. This year they widen the Entertainer of the Year category from five to eight nominees. The ACMs will air on CBS on April 18, at 8pm EST. Read the original story here.

You might also take a look at getting tickets for the CMA Fest 2010. The promo video has Taylor in it! No official list yet though.

Thanks to the Youtube CountryMusicAssoc channel for posting!

Also, Taylor Swift’s acting day view in CSI will be re-broadcast this January 28 on CBS at 9pm EST.

(Source: Taylor Swift’s My Space Blog, Billboard, Daily Star, LA Times, YouTube, CountryMusicAssoc)

One thought on “Thank you January… for Taylor Swift

  1. Loved the blog as always. It was great to finally get another personal blog from Taylor, and to hear from her what we all knew, that she was enjoying her time off with family and friends and getting time (as she said) to mentally and emotionally process all that happened to her and because of her last year. I think most people don’t even begin to grasp what an incredible career Taylor has had already, and how much she actually accomplished and endured and experienced last year. She worked as hard as anyone has ever worked, and because of her talent and her personality and character, people responded to her and most of the world grew to love her even more.

    Here’s to believing she will continue just to get better as she gets older, and that we all get to enjoy sharing the experience of watching an amazing person live an incredible, inspiring life.

    Thanks as always for your blog for Taylor, her band and her fan-friends 🙂

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