A Perfectly Good Heart

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In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift was recently spotted in Nashville having dinner with a group of other people that included John Mayer, according to People.  The reason was a collaboration, and witnesses at the dinner explain there was nothing romantic about it. John was in Nashville filming an upcoming episode of Crossroads with Keith Urban.  Swifty was also spotted there by Country Music Tattle Tale, singing to every song.

The Fearless One has also talked to Rolling Stone about releasing her third album, among other things, in their current issue now on stands.

“I like to have two years in between albums,” she says, “so if you take Fearless and go forward two years, that’s my ideal place to put out the next record, because I think two years of growth and development and feelings and life intake, love intake, emotion output, is my preferred formula for albums right now.”

You can see the rest of her interview, which is not included in the magazine at the Rolling Stone website.

(Source: Sugar)

Regarding the state of affairs with her former rumored boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, she had this to say to Sugar magazine as reported by heatworld.com: “Er, we’re texting… And… Um. I’m seeing him next week to film more scenes for Valentine’s Day, so…” Apparently Tay giggled and hid her face at the question but then I’d like to know the actual date of this interview. After the Grammys Taylor is bound for Australia to start the 2010 Fearless Tour on February 4. This is not that recent, I believe.

And speaking about the Grammys, Taylor had this to say to Rolling Stone about her predictions:

“I predict that I will be there. I’m planning on performing, and that’s really all that I can predict. You never know what’s going to happen. I like being nominated for eight, I’m not going to lie. I like that feeling. It makes me smile. All I know is that I’m a really, really happy person, thinking about being nominated for eight of them, and I think that’s a gift in itself, so we’ll see what happens in L.A. ”

And finally, regarding another former boyfriend of T-Swizzy, Joe Jonas has recently said he has reconnected with Taylor and believes she deserves a Grammy. You can read the original article at Just Jared Jr..

The Fearless One is scheduled to perform at An Unforgettable Evening, an event that benefits the EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund tomorrow Wednesday, January 27.  You can catch her CSI episode Turn, Turn, Turn on Thursday, January 28.  She appears on the Early Show on CBS this Friday, January 29. She’s also performing at the 52nd Grammy Awards and has 8 nominations including Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

Please remember to vote for Taylor Swift for International Breakthrough Act at the 2010 BRIT Awards. My threat to go sing in your face still stands if you forget.

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