More from the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party with Tay

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If the Fearless One was raising more than one eyebrow talking to former beau Joe Jonas, she also got more people talking while talking to Cory Monteith, the actor from Glee. Here’s the article from Apparently, talking means dating now and since poor Tay actually likes talking to everyone you would believe her dance card is full right now. Tay went to dinner with Cory a couple of nights ago. She’s a fan of Glee.

All we know right now is they’ve met before and they met again. When she starts acting coy then we can start believing something’s up.

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To use an expression from my friend and frequent unpaid contributor to this blog, Silvercharger, I’m late to work at the rumor mill. Yeah, we all work there specially on Grammy weekend, don’t judge me. I do like to keep my contribution to a minimum thought. Tay talks to a lot of people. Talking is not dating.

T-Swizzle also got a chance to pose for a cute picture with some of her singer gal pals. In another article we can see Katy Perry, 25, Taylor Swift, 20, Rihanna, 21, and Fergie, 34, squeezed together for a photo op last night. This was at the Salute To Icons Honoring Doug Morris held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel (for the detail-oriented here, I’m aware the article says Clive Davis’ party but I’m going with Getty Images here).

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My favorite shot however is this little picture of the Fearless One with Kitty Purry goofing off. Tay and Katy have always been close (for the rumor mill, yes they’ve gone to dinner together and NO, get that idea out of your head right now).

It’s not the first time Taylor attends Clive Davis’ party. Remember Tay’s interview with Ellen on 2008? Yes, Swift was going to the Grammy’s two years ago, imagine that. Tay got a chance to meet legendary icons Jane Fonda and James Brolin among others last night.

Yes, she talked to them. No, she’s not dating them either.

We here at the Agency (ok, last time, I swear! I’m just one guy) believe she’s a legendary icon herself already.

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  1. Haha it’s annoying how people assume she’s dating everyone she talks to. I love that pic with Katy too! So adorable! And T looks gorgeous. And what time is the red carpet and/or earlier ceremonies?

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