Take a deep breath, girl – a letter for Tay

(Source: Big Machine Records)

Hello Tay,

I hope you’re having a blast in Australia. I almost wish you didn’t know but you’ve probably heard of the media backslash against you. I’m glad you’re going to be touring in Australia and Japan for a while.

I almost wish I could swerve this bump in the road for you, but your performance on the grammys has come under fire for simply not being perfect. Suddenly there’s accusations from the media coming from all sides. Some are critiques, but a lot of them are rather insulting. Your friend, Scott Borchetta, (CEO of Big Machine Records) has had this to say.

“The critics are missing the bigger picture. This is what always happens and is the unfortunate part of the American dream, that we build these people up to watch the critics tear them down. Well, you better have more than what you’ve got now if you think you’re going to get in the ring and fight with us. So, get in the ring.”

– Scott Borchetta, The Tennessean.com

I will not say you had a perfect performance, because you are not perfect. I know award shows make you nervous. I know a performance in front of, and among your fans is far more powerful . I know you will work on it and make it better and better each time.

(Source: Big Machine Records)

But right now, you will hear very strong voices of the press come up against you and try to tear you down. At that time, I want you to remember that you have a nation of fans behind you. We’re not as big, and may not seem as loud but we’re easier to reach. You can hear us through your laptop when you come online, through your phone when you use Twitter and live and in person when we’re at your concerts. You can even hug us and talk to us when we’re meeting you for a fleeting instant. They might be bigger but we’re faster and never scared.

Regardless of how many people may suddenly seem to turn your back on you, regardless of how much we are mocked ourselves, remember we have your back. Music was always there for you, but now you can add the Taylor Nation to always be there when you need it. It’s during the hard times you can tell who is really your friend.


– The Swift Agency


Scott Borcheta in an interview with USA Today has mentioned the first single from Swift’s third album will go to radio in late summer or early fall, and the album will follow late in the year. Taylor is due on the US for March 4, when the Fearless Tour starts in Tampa, Florida. Her next TV appearance will probably be in April for the Academy of Country Music. In the meantime, a video for the title track of her Album of the Year, Fearless, will be released.

The Fearless Tour starts in Australia today, February 4, with her concert in Brisbane, Queensland.

The soundtrack for the movie Valentine’s Day, will be released on February 9. The movie itself opens on February 12.

(Sources: Big Machine Records, The Tennessean.com, USA Today)

2 thoughts on “Take a deep breath, girl – a letter for Tay

  1. I Love Taylor!
    I’ve Seen Her Live And She Was AMAZING She CAN Sing.

    People Need To Shut Up.

    She Wouldnt Have Won If She Wasnt A Good Singer.
    She Wouldnt Have Sold All Those Albums If She Wasnt A Good Singer.
    She Wouldnt Be Selling Out Her Tour If She Wasnt A Good Singer.

  2. I love what you said about taylor.
    We love her and will continue to stand up for her.
    She should know her fans won’t leave her.

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