Taylor’s Grammy Video Blog(!!!) and first Australian adventures

Hi! Ok, since I’ve done nothing but talk on the last two blog entries, I’m going to go straight to video this time. Taylor has a new video blog!!! Ahem? New. Video. Blog? You should be jumping up and down now. Do it or I hit you with the guitar. Here we go! Thanks to TSFan23 via YouTube for posting!

Okey now more video! Here are the Fearless One’s first Australian interviews 😀

This is Tay’s interview on Today Tonight. Thanks to melissaswift23 via YouTube for posting!

This is the “Fearless Pillow Game” on Hamish and Andy. Thanks to melissaswift23 via YouTube for posting!

The full Hamish & Andy radio interview in two parts (sorry audio only). Thanks to melissaswift23 via YouTube for posting!

TV Guide interview from the red carpet from the official channel of TVGuide via YouTube.

Extra interview from the Red Carpet. Thanks to SoCoolMUSIC via YouTube for posting!

Earlier Ellen Grammy footage with a bunch of stars, including Tay. Thanks to EdwinTV30 via YouTube for posting!

One from Valentine’s Day just because! Thanks to Viso Trailers via YouTube for posting!

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(Sources: TSFan23 via YouTube, melissaswift23 via YouTube)