Taylor Swift arrives in Japan

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Taylor’s arrival on Japanese soil was anything but subtle. A group of members of the Taylor Nation was awaiting her at Narita International Airport to welcome the Fearless One. This is the first time she tours in Japan.

According to Neon Limelight, fans brought her diverse presents including a Hello Kitty doll and a bouquet of flowers. Update: She’s holding the Hello Kitty doll on her hand on the picture, for some reason I thought it was bigger. Still cute 🙂

Back over on this side of the world, the reviews are pouring in for Valentine’s Day and Taylor’s first foray onto the big screen. Some really go over the top at being negative to end up being insulting and I don’t feel like driving any traffic to your site by linking to it.

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s refreshing to find fair reviews, and when I mean fair I mean not necessarily praising the movie but without venom. I give props to the Los Angeles Times for reviewing the movie, pointing out its flaws and abstaining from considering it the bane of all existence. They had something good to say about Taylor’s performance:

…best conversation with a stranger in an elevator goes to Swift’s smitten Valley girl, suggesting the young country singing sensation has serious comedic potential…

– Betsey Sharkey, Los Angeles Times

You probably have also heard about Swifty’s and Lautner’s chemistry on set. It’s water under the bridge now, but according to Entertainment Wise they were going out together by the sixth take.

I leave you with a very very brief (6 seconds!) video of Taylor Swift and the Agency getting burgers in Melbourne. Hope to have something from Japan real soon. Thanks to Mistysdiner via YouTube for posting!

T-Swizzle is up for International Breakthrough Act at the 2010 BRIT Awards on February 16. Voting is now closed. If you didn’t remember to vote for Tay, I’m letting the air out of your tires right now.

Taylor Swift will perform in Tokyo, Japan on February 17th. Valentine’s Day is now showing in theaters everywhere.

(Sources:Neon Limelight, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Wise, Mistysdiner via YouTube)

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  1. her albums sold a combined four million copies In 2008, making her the best-selling musician of the year in the United States.
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