Taylor Swift welcomes Mike Hammond to the DJ and Radio Hall of Fame

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Taylor Swift welcomed Mike Hammond from WIVK in Knoxville, Tennesse, to the DJ and Radio Hall of Fame. She had a poster of a photo she had taken with him during her first visit to WIVK. Mike Hammond gave Taylor the chance to be on the radio before she even had her first single out. Original story at TheBoot.com.

“I think in life the way you look at things is largely based on your first impression. My first impression of country radio came in 2005 when I walked into WIVK in Knoxville. That was the day that I met Mike Hammond for the first time and it’s my memories of that day that make me so incredibly happy and honored to be the one up here inducting him into the Country Radio Hall of Fame.”

The speech was all Tay. It was heartfelt and had some great comedic moments. Video! Thanks to grahamdeyoung via YouTube for posting!

The Fearless One and The Agency take the Fearless stage once again in Tampa, Florida on March 4.

Taylor’s also got two nominations (Female Singer and Song) for the Kids Choice Awards on March 27. This one’s audience-voted people, so you know what that means! Vote for Taylor Swift!

(Source: TheBoot.com, grahamdeyoung via YouTube, Kids Choice Awards)

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  1. This is one of my favorite all-time videos of Taylor or anyone else. Just when you think you couldn’t respect or admire this girl more, she shows you once again how unique and yet totally human and how lovable she is.

    Another great blog, thanks for your blogs in support of Taylor and her music 🙂

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