Happy Birthday, Caitlin “Eunice” Evanson!

(Source: Austereo/Jason Ilagan)

This Friday, February 26, Caitlin Evanson celebrates her  birthday. Caitlin is best known for playing a mean fiddle and cracking her band mates up. You probably remember my article on her alter ego Eunice’s first lone foray into music. If not, follow the link.

Caitlin not only plays a mean fiddle, she’s been Taylor’s backup singer as well as another guitar player for The Agency. She was part of the cast when the video Picture To Burn was filmed and the band got its inside name. In the video, she’s the one who takes some mouthwash and spits it back in the bottle.

Caitlin’s middle name is not Eunice, but actually Elizabeth. She’s got her own self-titled album available on iTunes.

We here at the Swift Agency (again, only one guy really but still a Caitlin Evanson fan) wish her a very happy birthday 🙂

You can visit her Agency Profile.

The ACM Awards voting for New Artist opens on Friday, February 26. Remember Gloriana! Vote here.

Here’s another video from last night’s CRS Music City Jam. Thanks to shiningstar08 via YouTube for posting!

(Sources: Facebook, CaitlinEvanson.com, shiningstar08 via YouTube)

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Caitlin “Eunice” Evanson!

  1. Caitlin’s Facebook page says she is 31.

    Her bio on her website says she is 26, but I have a feeling that bio is old as it doesn’t mention being in Taylor’s band. Also she attended college in 1999. So if you figure she was at least 18 when she started in college then that would make her at least 28-29.


    Also, Caitlin was on the ABC Reality TV show The One: Making a Music Star back in 2006 and her age then was listed as 27…


  2. Thanks for the comment, Swifty. Nice reporting!

    Actually I initially said 31 based on her Facebook page, then read the comment from Grant on Twitter about being 23. At this point I’ve just corrected the post to say it was her birthday and leave it at that 🙂

  3. What’s the link to Caitlin’s Facebook? Is her profile picture the one of her taken by Austin with the credit in the bottom right corner?

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