A Hug From Taylor Swift: Challenge #1 Complete!

Okey, let’s recap. Ryan and Michael are on a mission to get A Hug From Taylor Swift. You can also find them on twitter @ahugfromtaylor. The Fearless One found out about these guys and issued them a video challenge… the first of who knows how many.

Challenge #1: Help a little old lady cross the street.

The guys then accepted the challenge, also inviting their viewers to join in and send them videos of their own through their YouTube account, FourMinuteProduction.

I’m happy to report the video challenge has been completed.

Challenge #1: Complete!

The guys are ready for their next challenge. What will Taylor come up with next? Will the guys wimp out? Will they ever get to hug Taylor Swift? Did I leave the water running on the kitchen? Will I stop with the questions already?

Last day to vote for Taylor Swift at the Kids Choice Awards! The show airs tonight, Saturday March 27, on Nickelodeon at 8/7 Central. Please check your local listings. Taylor has her second show in Detroit, Michigan in the Palace of Auburn Hills tonight so she’s probably not attending. That doesn’t mean she’s not accepting though 🙂

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