It’s a first kiss, it’s flawless, it’s really something

(Source: Associated Press)

Sounds like Taylor Squared might have yet to make one last appearance. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are among the possible nominations for Best Kiss for the MTV Movie Awards.

Well, they are nominated to be nominated. It’s all the rage nowadays to create buzz about the nominations themselves by presenting us with a sort of first round of eliminations (or as we prefer to call it, the “let’s drag this thing even longer” strategy). The Grammys did the same thing. The Oscars knew better than to even attempt that (let’s be honest their show is excruciatingly long already).

We here at the Swift Agency (a most awesome team of one guy) would play no favorites but the Fearless One just happens to be taller. It’s science (I love science). Go vote for both Taylors for Best Kiss for the MTV Movie Awards. The show airs June 6 on all MTV network channels at 9PM EST/ 8PM CST.

T-Swizzle put on yet another Fearless show in Cincinnati, Ohio this  last Sunday (March 28) at the US Bank Center. According to, the songstress was in her element at yet another sold out arena.

Also, get ready for a big one. On April 1st, you’ll be able to start voting for Taylor (the usually curly one… which apparently had straight hair tonight) for ACM Entertainer of the Year at According to the ACM Awards website, she’s not performing that night.

The Fearless Tour continues on Oklahoma City, Oklhahoma tomorrow night, March 31st.

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