I wanted you to chase after me

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Fearless? How about restless? Taylor, could you hold doing stuff for a sec? I can’t type that fast, girl! We here at the Swift Agency (again – that’s only one guy. Huh, what do you know, it’s still not funny) wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last week’s concert in Wichita, Kansas was a very special event for one Swiftie. Taylor got to welcome her millionth ticket holder fan to the Fearless Tour. Rachel, who should be buying some lottery tickets right about now, was of course upgraded to the front row and got to meet the Fearless One herself. Yeah, I’m green with jealousy too. You can read more at CMT.com.

If you’re a fan in Denver, Colorado you might want to check Ticket Horse really quick. New tickets were made available to her shows in April 6 and 7. Best of luck to you, but they’re going quick. I won’t get mad if you have to stop reading right now and head over there.

Taylah (heh, like my british accent? No? Ok, nevermind) is possibly up for some more CMT Awards. At this point I think the Awards shows are trying to out-Swift each other (I will give her an award! No, me! *rumble*). Taylor Swith is the first round of nominations for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year for You Belong With Me and Collaborative Video of the Year for Kellie Pickler’s The Best Days Of Your Life. Here’s that video, thanks to Kellie Pickler’s YouTube channel.

You can read more at CMT.com. Kellie Pickler is also nominated for Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You. We’re also happy to see Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now nominated for Video of the Year. Lady A’s American Honey is also nominated for Group Video of the Year as well as their performance at the CMT Awards for I’m Just Looking For A Good Time. If you’re wondering how I can slip Lady Antebellum in a Taylor Swift blog you probably haven’t read my Swiftology 101 entry or my profile for Grant Mickelson (yes he’s played lead guitar for the trio).

Fans can vote now through May 3 at CMT.com. The final ballot will be announced May 11-June 8. The Awards air live on CMT June 9.

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Taylor last performed at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. There’s a review of her show at The Kansas City Star, but it’s the kind of article I’ve seen before: critic takes a few jabs at her voice on the Grammys while accepting her voice sounded decent at the concert. As usual, the fans loved it and no critic can’t dare deny that particular fact.

The Fearless One is still going strong in Australia’s country music charts where her album Fearless remains at the top after 50 weeks according to Big Pond News.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Emma Stone talked a bit about her friendship with Taylor Swift and how did they get to meet. Apparently Taylor has one “sick” sense of humor. Just in case you missed that, she ment sick as in good, meaning Taylor is funny. Gee, we hadn’t noticed that. That’s a big newsflash right there. Stop the presses. Ok, sorry, we’re just having fun! We love Emma Stone! We just kind of knew the Fearless One has a knack for comedy a long time ago.

We’re done. Ok, let’s assign some homework now. Wait… kidding. Get back here.

Please get ready to vote for Taylor in CMT’s first round of nominations and don’t forget to vote for Taylor to win ACM Entertainer of the Year. Taylor’s next appearance will be Denver, Colorado on the 6th and the 7th. Make sure you check Ticket Horse in case you’re trying to score some last minute tickets.

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PS: This is getting exciting… a preview to Challenge #2 from the guys at AHugFromTaylorSwift.com:

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