SwiftCon: A Taylor Swift fans convention. Would you go?

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It has often been the case in Twitter, Facebook, TaylorConnect and countless Taylor forums that fans of Taylor Swift mostly get along with each other. Some Swifties have become such good friends that they would like nothing better than a chance to meet each other.

So here’s this crazy idea. You know about conventions, right? Imagine a convention for Taylor Swift fans. Swifties all around the world converging in one place to share all things Taylor. I’m not saying this is possible now, I’m saying let yourself dream for a moment.

  • Taylor memorabilia, auctioned for charities supported by Taylor herself
  • Taylor look-a-likes competition
  • Taylor cover songs competition (Swift Idol?)
  • Costume competition based on characters from her videos
  • Guests! Perhaps we could convince Caitlin Evanson to do a Q&A session as Eunice…
  • Re-enactment of her SNL skits
  • Video screening of Taylor Swift’s specials and interviews
  • Taylor Guitars could have a booth to promote their guitars
  • Big Machine Records could promote their latest artists
  • Ideal convention city would be Nashville (because all dreams come true there, you know)
  • You know we would end up luring the Fearless One herself to show up
  • Entrance fee: $13

Yeah I know I’m dreaming really BIG here. Let’s start small with the premise of Swifties just getting together on one location. Would you be interested? There’s no ego here, if you have already come up with this idea and can think of a way to make it happen, or just want to voice your opinion and support the idea, feel free to comment below.

I’ve also posted a thread at TaylorConnect.com as well just to see how many replies this would get, as well as one in the Taylor Swift: Amazingly Talented forum.

Monday night (May 3rd) will be the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Ralph and Ricky Lauren are having Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake as guests at their table. You can read all about it at WWDFashion.com. Thanks to our fearless freelancer and free (as in unpaid) correspondant, Silvercharger, for letting us know!

Now, in case you’re wondering why I have a guitar over your head again, it’s the last weekend left to vote on the first round of the CMT Music Award Nominations!

Go vote now!

Be sure to vote for Taylor Swift! She’s nominated for Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year! VOTE. I mean now. How about now? Now would be good. Otherwise, guitar. Kabong.

Voting closes this Monday, May 3. The CMT Music Awards air from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, live 8/7c.

(Sources: The Swift Agency, CMT Music Awards, WWDFashion.com, Silvercharger)

5 thoughts on “SwiftCon: A Taylor Swift fans convention. Would you go?

  1. Great idea!!! I would definately try to come if something like this ever were to happen. I love Taylor more than words can say and because of her I’ve met tons of incredible people on-line. It would be great to actually have a chance to meet all of them in person!

  2. I think this is the best idea i have ever heard. i am taylor swift’s biggest fan and i would love to come. i have always wanted to b just like taylor . she is my hero and rolemodel. i hope you read this taylor. You are the person who has made me fearless.

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