Nashville flooding, Taylor at Raleigh and a SwiftCon update

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The focus of this blog is Taylor Swift and her band, The Agency. However, and although we’re new to the territory, we also include news about country music. And country music becomes affected as a whole when their capital city, Nashville, Tennessee, endures hardship.

Nashville and the entire state of Tennessee is on high alert after heavy rains brought severe flooding to the area, according to reports by CNN. There are reports of five people dead. You could argue that’s a low number, but any number is troubling. You can see the local news at NashvilleWX.

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The Fearless One had just played Raleigh, charming her North Carolina crowd according to the News Observer. Taylor was flying back to Nashville. She’d heard of the flooding going on. She even tweeted about hoping her plane would not make a water landing. Don’t believe for a second this girl is uncaring. Taylor may put on a smile in the face of adversity, but she’s anything but sarcastic. For every charity event you hear in the news from T-Swizzle, there’s at least five or ten the press never hears about. Taylor does a lot of charity outside of the public spotlight.

And here’s an update on the SwiftCon idea. Many people are interested in attending but not in convention numbers. Most would face several challenges, the first one being gathering the money and/or convincing the parental units. That itself is an uphill battle. This is not an idea that is taking off yet. We’re not even in the runway. We don’t have a plane. I think that’s enough with the flying analogies for now.

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What we could do is piggyback on another  event, like a Taylor Swift concert or a country music festival. Plus it also helps financially since if you where going already for one thing, another event is just icing on the cake (and one less convincing session with the folks). Also, perhaps consider a different location. Based on the amount of UK and Canada fans and keeping it in the US, that points to a global hub like New York City.

Like all ideas, without a plan this is more of a dream. Can’t dream about funding just yet, so no guests or big convention centers. We could start by just getting together at public places, like you see in You Tube gatherings. Not throwing away the idea, but right now I’m keeping it on a shelf. No ego is involved. If you think you can make it happen faster, I’m all ears.

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(Sources: CNN, NashvilleWX, News Observer, CMT Music Awards)

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