Taylor Swift takes on the Twin Cities and the Quad Cities and sings to mom :)

(Source: Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune)

The Fearless One completed another week of concerts this weekend. We here at the Swift Agency (one guy who has apparently no way to recognize when a bad joke has run its course and keeps making it over and over again) can’t help but snicker when despite the media’s best efforts to seem critical they can’t ignore the obvious fact that the audience enjoyed the show immensely.

That was a long sentence, wasn’t it? Sorry, I haven’t blogged in a while which means that this particular entry is going to be a bit wordy.

(Source: Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune)

The Star Tribune regards her appearance in St. Paul, Minnesota as being mostly the same show that last year. Yeap, it is. This is the second leg of the Fearless Tour. The article does concede that Taylor Swift was in a good vocal form, “more in the mellifluous range of her recordings.” Let me translate that for you: she sounded as good as her CD.

We knew that. One of our little twitter sisters, xlovefearlessly, was present and already told us about it. 🙂

(Source: John Schultz/Quad-City Times

And to make my point about consistence, well, inconsistent… we have the article from the Quad-City Times, claiming her concert in Moline, Illinois was over the top. Yeah… the same concert. Anyways, same as before the review can’t help but admit it was a success for concert goers.

This last concert in the Quad Cities (Illinois) had one special visitor we’re concerned about. You might remember a previous entry about Jessica Cannito, a Swiftie fan with a terminal illness who was going to meet Taylor via the Make a Wish foundation. We’re still waiting on the confirmation that the happy reunion happened as scheduled.

Since this was her last concert before Mother’s Day, Taylor did something special on Moline and sang The Best Day to her own mother, Andrea Swift. She even messed up the lyrics (see, she’s not a robot) but it was heartfelt and here’s the video and I have something in my eye and no, I’m not crying so hush up. Thanks to TheConcertGirl for posting!

The Fearless One’s coming to Newark, New Jersey on May 12.

Don’t forget there are some concert dates that have appeared and some that you can probably still buy tickets for.

(*) These festivals use their own stage, so there are no guarantees Taylor will perform with the entire Fearless stage and dance crew. It also means that since these festivals have their separate ticket specials, they might have run out of specific shows featuring the Fearless One but may have some sort of multi-pass you can still purchase.

(**) Can’t really say if it features the Fearless stage and/or dance crew.

Please consult TaylorSwift.com for up-to-date details and purchasing links.

(Sources: Star Tribune, xlovefearlessly, Quad-City Times, Jessica Cannito, TheConcertGirl, TaylorSwift.com)