Fearless and she’d rather be called cute than sexy

(Source: Ian White for People Magazine)

Ahem. There’s no telling that Taylor Swift has sex appeal. What you didn’t know that? Every other week there’s someone that during a little camera time professes their undying love and admiration for the Fearless One. We here at the Swift Agency (who never forget our humble beginnings when it was only one guy… and one guy we remain) believe she’s more than just adorable but she’s got her sexy vamp side which does come on occasionally.

Seems Maxim agrees with that, as last week they included Taylor Swift in their hot 100 list, coming in at #31. At #1 they have the beautiful Katy Perry which I can’t help but agree with.

Not to be outdone, Victoria Secret followed suit this week as they announced their What is sexy? list for 2010. Taylor Swift is included for Sexiest Hair. We couldn’t agree more. Ok, we could but then it’d be creepy.

Katy Perry is also included in their list as Sexiest Songstress, as well as Carrie Underwood for Sexiest Legs. Go to their website, look at the video and have a drink every time the models say the word “sexy”. It really gets funny by the third time you hear it. If you hear it at all/ What can I say, at the end of the day, honey, I’m still a guy.

(Source: Ash Newell)

However, Taylor herself has stated she’d rather be called cute than sexy. Go to the end of that article to see the video.

The Fearless One also got in on the nominations for Best Kiss for the MTV Movie Awards. She’s nominated alongside her co-star Taylor Lautner for their on screen kissing in Valentine’s Day. Off screen they parted ways before the end of last year. If you want her to win, start voting. The MTV Movie Awards ceremony will be broadcast live on June 6.

On more pressing matters, the entire state of Tennessee still needs help, so remember you can help by donating to the Nashville Red Cross. This is Taylor Swift’s phone call during Nashville Flood Relief Telethon.  Thanks to TS23Fan for posting!

Notice she doesn’t say how much the donation is for. The announcers only find out after the call is over. She couldn’t be any cooler if she tried.

The Fearless One has one more concert in Newark, New Jersey on May 13.

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