Swift at the Prudential, more donation reactions and the Red Carpet section!

(Source: Saed Hindash/The Star Ledger)

You can almost tell how concert reviews are going to be these days. There’s praise for Taylor as a crowd pleaser, an acceptance that her voice seems to be better than the Grammy performance and some small critique on whether her singing should mature or the fact she’s too upfront about some mature events (i.e. the lyrics to Fifteen). However there’s one good thing we all agree, the Fearless One sounds great with her acoustic guitar. You can read the review on her performance at the Prudential Center at NJ.com.

I think she sounds great period, but we may have to wait for the media to catch up to that after a few more performances.

The blog gets a new page in the Videos section! Now you can watch all the videos of Taylor Swift’s sparkly arrivals at The Red Carpet. A special shoutout to TSFan23 for making up almost the entire archive with their channel. Follow them on YouTube and you’ll get access to almost every video you can think of that has Taylor in it.

Here’s another reaction to Taylor Swift from Brandon Heath and Vince Gill at the Nashville Flood Relief Telethon, and once again we’ve got TSFan23 to thank for posting!

You might notice that at the beginning Vince Gill hears $100,000 and the correction comes much later. Yes, she did donate $500,000. No, that’s not a small amount to anyone and if you think that Taylor doesn’t have expenses to cover you’re crazy.

Vote for Taylor at CMT.com

It’s time to support Taylor Swift again! Vote,vote, vote! You will be able to vote now through June 8. The CMT Awards are on June 9. You will be able to vote that day via text. The Fearless One’s playing tonight in Newark, New Jersey. If you’re attending remember to say Happy Birthday to Paul Sidoti! Her next stop is on May 14 on Uniondale, New York.  On the same date, tickets go on sale for the Nashville Raising benefit concert for June 22.

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