Taylor Swift starts Canadian tour

Taylor Swift did a little shopping on Beverly Hills this last Wednesday, May 19. Her blingy headband was the object of coveted admiration according to Hollywood Life.

She had also managed to squeeze in a lunch with Taylor Lautner as talked about by E! Online on Monday 18. By total coincidence, or perhaps not, that was the very same day that the Valentine’s Day DVD came out. The hunt is on by Swiftie fans everywhere for the special features. Regrettably, we’ve heard that the missing scenes do not contain a certain fabled prom scene with Taylor Squared.

The Fearless One is not one to stand still. As of last night she arrived on Canada and took it by storm, performing in Ottawa, Ontario and meeting the Prime Minister and his daughter. You can see a review of the concert from the Ottawa Citizen website.

Tonight, May 21st, she performs in Toronto. Actually she performs just a few blocks from where I am typing this right now. Taylor Swift and I are in the same city. Whoa. Expect a first-hand review of the show tomorrow unless security drags me out or my ticket turns out to be void. There are reports of fans who suffered that fate after a reseller site sold them void tickets. Wish me luck, my ticket comes from a reseller too. Tonight might be the best or worst night ever depending on that outcome. Taylor will do a second show tomorrow in Toronto to wrap up the Canadian chapter of her tour.

Remember to vote,vote, vote for Taylor Swift for the CMT Awards. You will be able to vote now through June 8. The CMT Awards are on June 9. You will be able to vote that day via text. She has also been nominated along with Taylor Lautner for Best Kiss for the MTV Movie Awards, which you can (and will) vote for.

Don’t forget Taylor Swift appears in the all star tribute to Brooks & Dunn this Sunday, May 23, on CBS at 8pm ET/PT.

Now, if you excuse me… I have a bus to catch! 😉

(Sources: Hollywood Life, E! Online, Ottawa Citizen, CMT Awards, MTV Movie Awards)

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  1. I like your website, sending you some luck for your tickets to be good. Will be waiting too read your review, I heard she got a book on Canadian symbols from the PM with a personal message, good luck.

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