The Fearless Experience, Part One

This is the one entry I’ve always dreamed of doing. A first-hand account of a Taylor Swift concert. You don’t understand. It’s my dream.

For me it was made better thanks to the help of a few fans, I can’t help but give thanks to Caylee and Cristen (@Cayleeeee and @MrsBrindisi on Twitter) for their invaluable tips. Do yourself a favor, talk to other fans before going to the concert. And I mean THE concert.

The Buses

The long wait

The idea of getting there early is not really to score tickets, but to meet the band. There are stories about Taylor’s tour manager coming out and giving out pit passes, but such thing didn’t happen here. One girl managed to score an extra ticket for a friend, but such things are the exception.

I found the buses to one side of the venue. Two security guards were keeping fans from getting too close. I went early enough (noon) that no fences were set yet. You want to do that. But it’s a long wait.

Grant Mickelson arrives

Grant came out first and what happened basically set the trend for the next several hours. At this time I’m the only guy in the crowd, and also the only grownup.

Me: Grant!

Crowd: Who’s he?

Me: Are you k…? He’s Grant Mickelson, lead guitar.

Repeat that for everyone that came out. They all did eventually, band and dancers. A few people recognized Charity Lynn Baroni (how can you not?). They’re bringing in their stuff. I called them out but realize they’re bringing in their stuff. So they will put it away and then come out if they want to meet you. Still I think it’s nice when someone greets you at your destination.

Meeting Amos J. Heller

Amos J. Heller came out shortly after putting his things away. He was ready to go for a run but approached the fans. I actually got to him first. I exchanged a few words and he remembered me from Twitter. I had told him my wardrobe plans for the evening through a tweet. That turned this into the first of many moments for me. The other fans took pictures with him as well after that.

A lot of them asked about Taylor, but I already knew the answer to that. It gets a bit too intense, and then it becomes somewhat of a safety risk. I also saw Caitlin Evanson, Al Wilson and Mike Meadows.

Meeting Grant Mickelson

After a few of the dancers brought their things in (me schooling the crowd on every new face) we had a new visitor come out and meet the fans. Grant Mickelson in the flesh. He told me: “I had to come see you in that suit.”  I will have to thank Amos for probably telling him that. In case you haven’t figured it out, I was wearing converse chucks. That was the band’s uniform in the video Picture To Burn.

The crowd was growing and the venue put out barricades. It was about an hour before the doors were scheduled to open when Amos came out again with two more people to meet. Paul Sidoti, with whom I shook hands and…

Meeting Liz Huett =D

This girl. The one, the only, the adorable Elizabeth Huett. I have a small, tiny crush on the girl. Ahem. Shut up and keep reading.

She asked my name first. Then she said she recognized me from my icon in Twitter. Apparently she likes the silly things I post to her once in a while (“you say the sweetest things”) and she said that this has to be my new icon now. I’m ok with that. I asked her if she remembered the first thing I posted to her. She said yes. I didn’t say anything further as the crowd was watching the whole exchange.

Can you believe that was the moment of the day/night? So was meeting Amos and Grant. After that, I knew Taylor was not coming out of any of the buses or if she was she was doing it when everyone was inside the venue.

Concert time and review coming up in Part Two.

Correction: I was a little on cloud nine when I wrote this but it did seemed on some parts that I’m almost making the claim they came out just to see me. That is not the case. They came out to see everyone and I was one of the privileged fans who got to meet them, shake their hands, take a picture and exchanged a few words. I have not made up any of the words said by them nor the encounters, but I want to make it clear: they came out to meet everyone.

(Source: The Swift Agency. All the pictures are mine this time too.)

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