The Fearless Experience, Epilogue

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about the concert review! I’m so glad for all the messages of fans that said it made them relive their own concert. My experience meeting the band is on Part One, but if you’re looking for the longest concert review ever that’s Part Two.

This is just a couple of favorite pics and all the video clips that I didn’t use in the review because it would’ve made it even longer. I thought you’d want to see them.

First time I see Taylor Swift up close during You Belong With Me

She’s breathtakingly beautiful up close. This is the first time she ever came close to where I was.

Taylor Swift, up close

Liz, Grant and Amos during Love Story

This is Liz Huett, Grant Mickelson and Amos J. Heller. Love this picture.

Liz Huett, Grant Mickelson and Amos J. Heller

Grant Mickelson’s guitar solo

This happens right before That’s The Way I Love You. It’s not complete. I just had to stop filming and enjoy the rest. Grant Mickelson is the man. With the guitar. And the hair.

As a side note, once the song starts the performance has Jonathan Carey playing the nice guy and Grant playing the bad boy (two sides of the guy from the song). Taylor chooses Grant in the end. Once the song is over she gives him a friendly hug.

Caitlin Evanson during You’re Not Sorry / What Goes Around

At some point Caitlin Evanson runs to the front of the stage and goes wild. The clip also has a bit of the dancers’ routine.

Amos J. Heller pumping up the crowd before the encore

Whoever has seen Amos J. Heller on stage, in Twitter or in Taylor’s video blogs knows Amos has a great sense of humor. This is him pumping up the crowd before the encore. He just runs out and does this for a bit.

All the videos were posted from my YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments 🙂

(Source: The Swift Agency)

One thought on “The Fearless Experience, Epilogue

  1. Hello. I am one of Taylor’s grandparent aged fans. She is an impressive young woman and it is great to follow her career and root for her. She has single handedly made decency cool again. Jody Williams called her ” the picture of class and grace ” , which is not only a spot on description of her, but also shows us how much the Nashville song writing community thinks of her.
    I like your reviews. I am too old to spend three hours with screaming girls, so I especially enjoyed your accurate description of the show. You write well. Thank you.

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