Ain’t Nothing Bout You and Taylor lands in Houston

The Toronto Sun had a review of the same Fearless concert I went to on Friday, May 21st in Toronto, Canada. They gave it an overall good rating but didn’t like a few things. I didn’t see anything I didn’t like. On the other hand, I do agree that White Horse was Taylor’s best performance.

We already reported it back on April. but the Fearless One sure made an impression at the Brooks & Dunn: The Last Rodeo Special. Her rendition of Brooks & Dunn’s Ain’t Nothing Bout You was a hit. Let’s go to the video. Thanks to kmttmn for posting!

Taylor was rocking Houston, Texas last night (May 25). An article from Culture Map compares her to Springsteen due to her endurance on the world music charts. Also,  rumor has it the concert was being filmed for DVD! Jonathan Carey, member of the dance crew for the Fearless Tour, let the cat out of the bag via Twitter. Hope he doesn’t get in trouble for this.

That's The Way I Love You (Source: The Swift Agency)

Blog news! The Gallery section has been revamped. I’ve put my own pictures over there. These are a much broader selection that the ones I used in the recent concert review. This section will grow, but not by much. I do have another chance to see Taylor in July, so then I will give you a few more pictures.

Although this time, I do plan on soaking up the show not so much through the lens but a bit more with my own eyes. Yes, I will still take pictures, don’t worry.

It’s time to support Taylor Swift again! Vote,vote, vote! You will be able to vote now through June 8. The CMT Awards are on June 9. You will be able to vote that day via text. She has also been nominated along with Taylor Lautner for Best Kiss for the MTV Movie Awards that will air on June 6, which you can (and will) vote for now.

The Fearless One rocks Houston Texas May 25 and 26.

(Sources: Toronto Sun, kmttmn, Culture Map, The Swift Agency, CMT Awards, MTV Movie Awards)

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  1. We were at the concert last night in Houston, and talked to the cameraman who was assigned to follow Taylor around during the day (the Toyota Center itself was filled with more cameras and film people than a movie set) and he said they were filming a special for NBC. He could not comment on a DVD or theatrical release, nor did he know when the NBC special might air, but opined that it could be about the time her new album was released. Makes sense, as she only has a few dates left on the Fearless Tour 2009-2010, and will clearly be creating a whole new tour for early 2011.

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