Video from the Bayou, Tay heads to the capital and UK fans calling!

As we already reported, the Fearless One can finally claim to have headlined a large stadium. Here’s video from YouTube courtesy of Onadragonfly.

However I can’t help but give you this little candid taken from Keith Urban’s performance where the Fearless One was jamming along. Notice the hand heart signal when she notices the camera. Thanks to brittkimsdad for posting!

The Fearless One is readying herself for two concerts in Washington, D. C. The one tonight, June 1st and the one tomorrow. One of our twitter friends (hey @JNCx!) is attending tonight’s concert. We wish her a great concert as no doubt she’ll have a great time. 🙂

Here’s a fan made video from the Fearless One’s fans from the UK asking for Taylor to come back. I don’t do this often, but this video was compiled by @StephanieJuliet. She’s a twitter friend and fierce Swiftie. Take it away, Steph and UK fans!

You might be wondering why we’re not going along with the recent barrage of rumors of Taylor messaging someone because someone broke up with someone. Because. It’s. A. Rumor. No confirmation. The news first broke out with no more source than “a source” and we’re just not going along with that until we see someone step up and claim to be the origin. We here at the Swift Agency, where there is still no coffee machine, know that it may have been a slow news day and the staff was slacking here as well, but we prefer to approach some news with care. And the ninja department was not slacking. You can’t find them anywhere, so they’re working. On not been seen. Because it’s what ninjas do. So they’re on the job. Again, only one guy here. Jokes are not going to get better than that, folks. Sorry.

By the way, on behalf on everyone here we’d like to remind you to VOTE!

The Fearless Tour rocks Washington, D. C. on June 1st and 2nd.

(Sources: Onadragonfly, brittkimsdad, @StephanieJuliet, CMT Awards, MTV Movie Awards)

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