I like the way your hair falls in your face

(Source: Mark Abrahams/MarieClaire.com)

A new article and photoshoot from Marie Claire highlights an interview taken during Taylor Swift’s concert in Fresno, California. She’s dead serious in the pictures for once which almost makes her look like a different person. The interview is very much on the fun side. The interviewer sees a sign in her tour bus that reads Never, never give up and asks if Taylor had that made. “No. I got it from T. J. Maxx,” she answers cheerfully. Another fun fact is Scott Borchetta’s admission on how the fact that Taylor hugs everyone scares the daylights out of him. I completely empathize with his plight. Part of the article is available at the Marie Claire website and the magazine with the full article is in stands now.

We here at the Swift Agency find it funny what some websites are highlighting about the article. Wow, the Fearless One likes to give out hugs. Newsflash. Nobody knew that. Wait until her fans hear this one. It’s not like she hugs a hundred fans every show. That would be cool though. Ok, I will stop now.

Taylor Swift along with The Agency visited the Walter Reed Medical Hospital to bring some entertainment to injured veterans, their families and their kids yesterday, June 2. The Fearless One was performing last night for the last time in Washington D.C.

After traveling all around the United States with a few international stops along the way, the Fearless Tour 2010 is coming to a close. The official last stop is Foxboro, Massachusetts this Saturday, June 5. Are pranks in store? And does that mean she may show up at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, June 6, where she’s nominated with her Valentine’s Day co-star, Taylor Lautner? Only The Fearless One knows.

We’d like to remind you to VOTE! Time is about to run out.

Taylor Swift will be at the CMA Music Fest 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. She will be doing a Meet & Greet for 13 hours long that Sunday from 8AM to 9PM. She might even hug someone (last one, I swear). Several fan activities will happen during the day, including an acoustic performance at 2pm. More details at TaylorSwift.com.

(Sources: Marie Claire, MTV Movie Awards, CMT Awards, CMA Music Fest 2010, TaylorSwift.com)

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  1. I really wanna go to the meet and greet but i live in New Zealand!! So far : (
    It’s my dream to meet Tay I went to Sydney Aus and saw her in concert and it was amazing!
    Your blogs are awesome btw : )

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