Make Monday a Funday with Mallary Hope


I thought I’d bring your attention again to the very talented and beautiful Mallary Hope. This Georgia native is known for interacting with her fans through Facebook and Twitter a lot. She takes facebooks breaks when she goes out running, how cute is that? 🙂

As part of her weekly routing she has decided to give her fans something to look forward to on that most dreaded day of the week, Monday. The idea which she calls the Funday Monday video is Mallary will do a cover on a song she likes or that someone has suggest to her, just by herself with her guitar.

This is the first cover. She’s mallarizing (she made that up, not me) Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love. She’s got an excellent voice (and I find all the faces she pulls for the camera adorable but don’t tell her that I don’t want to embarrass her).

I was really impressed with her last Monday Funday video she decided to cover The Script’s Breakeven hit song. I love when country artists show they listen to different music styles, keeps their style and the country genre fresh and current. This one is my current favorite YouTube favorite video.

Of course, I was familiar with The Script as both them and Mallary Hope have their less-than-nine degrees of separation with the Fearless One. Here’s another offering mallarized for your consideration. This is Mal’s take on Taylor Swift’s Tim McGraw.

I had to throw that last one in, she mentions me in the video. Thanks, Mal! Keep making them! 🙂

You can find more covers and fun videos from Mallary Hope on her YouTube account: mallaryhopefans. She also has her own website at and her Facebook Page. And of course, you can talk to Mal herself on Twitter @mallaryhope.

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