She’s a fan of fans. 13 hours and beyond with Taylor Swift

Taylor has said so many things about herself that may be easily discarded as usual PR talk if she were any other artist. She’s said she’s a fan of fans. She’s said she excited by excitable people because she herself is easily excitable as well. She says she loves little kids.

Every single statement was proven true tonight in what was the greatest outpouring of support and devotion… not from fans to Taylor but this time from Tay back to the Taylor Nation.

As reported by the Associated Press, she may have not broken the record in signing, that is held by Garth Brooks for doing it for an entire day, but she may have done so in hugging people. The Tennessean reported that she extended her 13-hour to include the fans left in the long line of lucky wristband winners.

As it was, both Taylor’s staff and fans contributed to the best atmosphere possible. We at the Swift Agency, which are only just one guy that couldn’t really make it tonight of all nights, were ecstatic and happy for friends from Twitter who reportedly got a chance to meet the Fearless One. We, however, are also sad by some other friends who did get that blue wristband that would get you a place in the line.

Taylor made sure that a few things were in place for everyone just by entering the Bridgestone Arena. She had videos from her vlogs, from her TV appearances, commercials, behind the scenes from her videos and even her SNL monologue song running in continuous loop. Her mom and The Agency were also making the rounds meeting fans. Her famous dresses were on display for her fans to gawk at. Since she was sponsoring Sony’s new Cybershot camera, there was a camera giveaway. And of course you had people going around giving wristbands and cellphone texting contests to win them as well. Not a perfect system but a system at least.

Watching it all through Taylor’s own ustream channel, I couldn’t help but notice that the person who was the most tireless trooper of them all was the Fearless One herself. Yes, I did call her an Energizer Bunny, the Tayminator and suggested that Redbull signs her up as its new sponsor. It was all in good fun. She was dancing and jumping throughout.

Taylor would eventually take a break and then as casually as other people would just go to the grocery store, she got on the stage with The Agency in full and sang a small set that included Our Song, Love Story, Fearless and You Belong With Me. Thanks to ashleyvirus for posting!

What’s next for the Fearless One? Well, she has a concert waiting for her in the Bahamas at Atlantis on Saturday, June 19. The concert will feature the set of songs from the Fearless Tour, but no word on whether the audience will get to see the dancers or the stage. Before that however she has one award coming up, already granted to her: the Hal David Starlight Award which will be given to her by the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 17.

(Sources: Associated Press, Tennessean)

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  1. Hey! I’m following you on twitter and read your blog regularly.
    I noticed that while I was watching the meet and greet (sadly I could not go) in the background the behind the scenes for the ‘Fifteen’ music video was playing, I’ve never seen it on youtube before or anywhere else… do you know where I could watch it or if it’s even out yet?

      1. 🙂 i love your blog. I love Taylor sooo much ❤
        Darn, I really wanted to see that one… I guess she hasn't released it yet or something. Thanks for your help!

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