Teens go Country and Country helps out Nashville

Taylor Swift wrapped her 13-Hour Meet & Greet (& Hug) at actually the 14 and a half mark. Hopefully she’s getting some rest today. I fully expect the makers of Sharpie to be knocking at her door soon enough.

It’s because of the rising popularity of country stars like Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Gloriana and more than the Teen Choice Awards have added categories for Country music for the first time. The Fearless One is again nominated for the all-genre Choice Female Artist as well as the new Female Choice Country Artist as reported by The Boot. The Teen Choice Awards will air on Fox on August 9. They are fan-voted as well and the voting is open (although at the moment it’s actually delayed). None other than Katie Perry will be hosting, so expect mayhem.

The Fearless one has a few things coming up this week. June 17, she receives an award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. June 19, she will be performing in the Imperial Ballroom at Atlantis on the Bahamas. She is definitely going to be using the Fearless set of songs, but don’t expect the stage at this event.

But the very next event that we are excited about, and by we I mean one guy who is one guy short of a ticket, is the Nashville Rising concert to benefit the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. They’re sold out, but if you can afford it you can still nab a VIP concert pass. There are way too many artists to pass that one up, including Taylor herself. The event, hosted by the power country couple of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, takes place at Bridgestone Arena on June 22. Yeap, same place Taylor just used to meet fans for 14 and a half hours.

The Fearless One has another iPhone app made by the folks at MixMeIn that you might want to check out. Officially licensed as MixMeIn2 Taylor Swift, the app allows you to add or take an intrument or vocal from a popular track. It comes with two songs, Our Song and Love Story. It does come with some very familiar people though.

Yes, each member of The Agency is represented playing their instrument. They have interesting choices. Amos can switch to the large acoustic bass he’s played on tour. Mike can play banjo or piano and Paul can play guitar or keyboards. Caitlin‘s on the fiddle and Al is on drums. Liz represents any background vocals that exist on the song. Both Grant and Paul can switch from electric to acoustic guitar. Tay is lead vocals of course. The only additional songs you can buy right now are Fifteen, You’re Not Sorry and Hey Stephen. I don’t know how much I will actually use it but it’s great to have Taylor and The Agency there and switch the song mixes around.

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