Can you believe it? Taylor to appear on the Teen Choice Awards


I’m so glad to have some new lyrics to reference… as I’m lying on the couch.

The Fearless One is playing Tokyo, Japan as part of the Summer Sonic Festival 2010. Due to the time difference, she will actually finish her Sunday appearance before Sunday night in Universal City, California where the TCA will be taped. You can call her Miss Swift.

Okey, so we were wrong (we blame the ninja department… OW! *THUD*). You guys were right. The Teen Choice Awards has announced the Sparkly Dressed is scheduled to appear. I’m unclear on the details as the show is actually recorded and then broadcasted. That also means there’s a bunch of acceptance speeches that will be taped. I’m not going to bug you anymore about voting. Voting is closed.

We will get to see the red carpet arrivals with a live webcast airing Sunday, Aug. 8 (3:30-5:00 PM PT live/6:30-8:00 PM ET live) online at and We here at the Swift Agency, who actually are one guy, have a request. Please don’t bring in anybody from the Jersey Shore. And please keep it classy in general? Hopefully Fox will not… who are we kidding.

I have my fingers crossed that we get to see Taylor walk the carpet once more, but I have my doubts. Scheduled to appear could mean a tape from Japan. We’ll see.

You have to read this analysis of the Fearless One’s lyrics from a parent’s perspective. The source is none other than the Wall Street Journal. Really good stuff if you’re one of those people that obsesses about what’s behind Swift’s lyrics. Not that we know any of those people. At all. Whistling innocently here.

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