Every time I look at you it’s like the first time (as in time to VOTE!)

Taylor wrapped up her swift visit of Japan, and now has the entire country world wrapped around her finger. This is the Fearless One herself, thanking Country Radio for playing Mine. Thanks to TSFan23 for posting!

She’s adorable, huh? Perhaps you could VOTE for her for VMA Female Video of the Year. Just saying.

After talks failed with MTV Networks regarding a syndication deal with VEVO, Universal Music Group has decided to pull all its property videos from the site. Don’t worry, we here at the Swift Agency, which really are only one guy who couldn’t really pull it off without everyone pitching it with tips and news, have not become a music insider.

What this really means as reported by IFC,  is that every artist that falls underneath the umbrella that is Universal Music Group, and that includes Taylor Swift, has had their videos pulled off the MTV website. Now you can only find those artists’ videos on VEVO. That also includes Lady Gaga, Eminem, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and even a rapper whose name I don’t remember.

Coming up on August 20, Speak Now goes on pre-sale special at SpeakNow13.com.

Also, I’m reminding you guys again, Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift, the iPhone app is free for a limited time on iTunes.

Taylor will have a busy September, as evident in the Calendar but for those too lazy to take a peek, here’s what’s coming up:

Which means… yeah you guessed it. Time to VOTE for the Sparkly Dressed again! Taylor is up for a VMA for Female Video of the Year. To add pressure, I’m not only threatening you to play the guitar but also will sing to you if you don’t vote for the Fearless One. Start clicking! VOTE HERE.

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