Pre-order Speak Now… now. Meaning now.

Mine cover 2
(Source: Big Machine Records)

There’s a reason the blond with the guitar is named Swift.

Big Machine Records announced they’re now taking pre-orders for Taylor’s upcoming album Speak Now now. That means now now, as in today. Just go over to before I make another lousy joke.

If you pre-order the digital version now (yeah well I had to say that one) the Mine single will be available for you to download… immediately (you thought I was going to say now again, eh? Ha ha ha!). The picture on your left is another angle of the cover.

The Fearless One will be paying Maine yet another visit for the video premiere event. As reported by the Portland Press Herald, she will be talking to CMT host Katie Cook and introducing her video. Details are yet to be determined, but there’s talk of a live studio audience. I wonder how much is a ticket to Maine. No word on which town will be the lucky one.

On unrelated news, the population of Maine is expected to increase exponentially by next week. Experts are baffled. I am kidding.

Chelsea Handler, host of Chelsea Lately, will the host of the 2010 MTV VIdeo Music Awards as announced by MTV News. The comedian will be the second woman to ever host the show since Roseanne Barr back in 1994.

Time to VOTE for the Sparkly Dressed again! Taylor is up for a VMA for Female Video of the Year. To add pressure, I’m not only threatening you to play the guitar but also will sing to you if you don’t vote for the Fearless One. Start clicking! VOTE HERE. is releasing a few goodies for webmasters of all fansites. If you want to use a banner like the one below to promote the upcoming video premiere check out the CMT Webtools for the event.

Update: CMT premiere event on Facebook!

(Sources: Big Machine Records,, Portland Press Herald, MTV News,

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  1. Hey! Where can I pre-order the CD because doesn’t ship to Canada? Thanks and I really like your blog by the way 🙂

    1. I’m getting it from iTunes the day it comes out. There doesn’t seem to be any options. I’ll let you know if I hear of one.

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