Oh oh oh! More pics of Mine.

Mine - Wedding
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Can you tell we’re running out of lyrics? October 25 can’t get here fast enough.

CMT.com has released a few pictures from Taylor Swift’s video shoot for Mine. Here in our photography depart- ok, who am I kidding I’m just one guy with a lot of bad jokes (I still maintain I have a ninja department, the fact you never see them just means they’re very good ninjas). Anyways, I think the pictures are lovely.

I guess the most expected one was the wedding scene with Toby Hemingway, her love interest for this video. As Taylor told People back in July, she chose Toby after his performance in Feast of Love, although the icing in the wedding cake was a scene in The Covenant where her groom-to-be came into view wearing a sweatshirt with a 13 on it.

Mine Birthday
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However I can’t help but smile at the one with the kid. Taylor will make a terrific mother one day. Taylor’s refined her acting chops a bit… to the point that I always have to explain to non-Swifties that the reason she seemed like a spacey blond as Felicia on Valentine’s Day is because the character was a spacey blond. However for that picture with the kid you can just tell she’s just enjoying the scene. As Taylor has said before, she really likes easily excitable people because she herself is an easily excitable person.

Taylor with Roman White
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I like the fact that Taylor gets along so well with her director, Roman White. Roman White was responsible for the videos for You Belong With Me and Fifteen. Our Song, Picture To Burn, Teardrops On My Guitar, Love Story and White Horse were directed by Trey Fanjoy. However on Mine, Taylor co-directs for the first time. If you’re like me you’re as excited for Mine as you are for the behind the scenes look.

I dare you to watch the behind the scenes video for You Belong With Me and not laugh. It’s on our Videos > Making Of section.

Chelsea Handler, set to be the host for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, revealed her hosting plans to MTV News. She’s thinking about some sort of skit/stunt involving the Fearless One and…. that rapper whose name I often forget. Not really thrilled about that, but Taylor might just have to be the bigger person (she’s definitely that) and go along with it. T-Swizzle has nothing to prove, so this would be all in the name of Mr. Interruptus Vulgaris cleaning up his reputation. I don’t have anything against the guy (I could go get something, though – like a truck). Like I said, if Taylor forgives him, I will consider not running him over but that doesn’t mean he gets mentioned here.

Mine Taylor Swift
(Source: Big Machine Records)

Time to VOTE for the Fearless One again! Taylor is up for a VMA for Female Video of the Year. To add pressure, I’m not only threatening you to play the guitar but also will sing to you if you don’t vote for Taylor. Start clicking! VOTE HERE.

CMT.com is releasing a few goodies for webmasters of all fansites. If you want to use a banner like the one below to promote the upcoming video premiere check out the CMT Webtools for the event. RSVP for the CMT premiere event on Facebook!

(Sources: CMT.com, People.com, MTV News)

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