Congratulations to Mike Meadows and Brittany Milton on the event of their wedding :)

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From all of us that make the Swift Agency (that’s me – one guy), we want to send our congratulations to Mike and Brittany. Mike Meadows is the talented member of The Agency that joined very shortly before the Fearless band went on tour. He contracted matrimony with Brittany Milton this past Saturday, September 18. The whole band was invited to the ceremony, and Mike even had the courtesy of reserving up a table for them with the inside name of the band, The Agency, on it. Thanks to Grant Mickelson for sharing the picture.

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Taylor Swift was also in hand, and apparently had some fun with the photo booth, along with her fellow Agency member Elizabeth Huett and her dancer Claire Callaway. Even Andrea Swift joined in the fun. Thanks to the Fearless one for posting the picture.

Mike Meadows is from Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s known for playing anything that has strings, may it be guitar, cello, banjo, mandolin, bass and I understand even harmonica. He came in to replace Ben Clark, who left to pursue other opportunities and has remained close to the band. Ben met up with The Agency on the day of their final performance of the Fearless Tour back in Foxboro, Massachusetts on June 5. While Mike takes some time off to be with his bride, Ben will be covering for Mike for at least one performance.

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Fearless dancer Claire Callaway caught the bouquet. She also posted a pic with Grant Mickelson from the wedding. Very subtle, eh? Just kidding, whether it’s playful flirting or something more serious we can’t really say.

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On September 23, Taylor Swift performs at the All For The Hall fundraiser at Club Nokia, Los Angeles that benefits the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

(Sources: Grant Mickelson, Taylor Swift, Ben Clark, Claire Callaway)

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