Mademoiselle Swift adore Paris! Taylor would tour France in March 2011

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L’Intrepide est alle a NRJ Radio … Sorry! The Fearless One was at Radio NRJ in Paris, France where she joined hosts Nikos Aliagas, Mustapha El Atrassi and Karine Ferri at the 6/9 show for an animated interview.

She was asked what was the worst Valentine’s Day she ever had. “There was a Valentine’s Day dance at my high school and I went with this guy,” said Taylor ” I went and took a break from the Valentine’s Day dance and I came back and he was making out with another girl.” You can read the whole article in Yeap, it’s in French. Or you can watch the following video. The whole interview is not here, but at least a part of it as well as some of her adventures in Paris and the interview at the Roberto Cavalli dinner party.

Taylor Swift is expected to perform in France at Zenith on March, 2011!

I’m going to try to get the whole interview… but if someone beats me to it, I won’t mope about it that much 😉 For now, this is a short video of it:

And if you want to see more, here’s a longer look from the sidelines:

Also, if you’re in Canada, will be bringing the Speak Now Deluxe Edition to us canucks. Thanks to Maddie for finding this link.

Update! If you are in the UK, HMV UK will also be bringing the Deluxe Edition! So more than likely Taylor Swift’s people are making sure all international Swifties will have it through a local retailer.

Coming up! Direct from our Calendar:

  • October 4: Speak Now (the song) will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show a clip and interview in the evening.
  • October 5: Speak Now (the song)  goes on sale on iTunes.

(Source:, Radio NRJ,, HMV UK)

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

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  1. I’m spending my school-year in Spain though, so if youhear of anywhere it’s available in Spain or anywhere that does international shipping (so I don’t have to get Mum to post it to me here!) holler! Thanks petal. X

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