Saving the world together: Team Hug begins now!

(Source: Taylor Swift)

You probably remember Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander’s crazy videos, as well as their friend David James who stepped out from behind the camera for the finale. No? A Hug From Taylor Swift ring any bells?

Yes, those wild and crazy guys. With all their challenges completed they reached their goal and got their well deserved prize: a hug from the blond girl with the sparkly guitar. A guitar that will end up in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Eventually.

But going back to the guys, they’ve embarked on yet another crazy venture: Team Hug. This one is much more altruistic and actually intends to involve fans and celebrities. The plan doesn’t really include hugs (darn it!) but rather… Actually, let’s give them a chance to explain it themselves:

The general idea is simple. They have a guest celebrity every month, and video challenges for you to complete. You complete them and you get a prize from the celebrity. Yes, there’s a few things there to work out, but they’ll have to be worked out as they go. The first video challenge is up.

Use $20 in the most creative and charitable way. The emphasis is on doing good while being creative, not on the quality of the video. I particularly appreciate the emphasis they made on that. Forget the special effects, concentrate on the charity. Make it fun, make it interesting.

The prize consist of five copies of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now CD autographed by the Fearless One herself. The top 5 winners will be selected based on creativity and the actual charity work. You must send the video by October 23, 5pm Eastern Time.

On behalf on everyone here at the Swift Agency (that’s just one guy, me) we wish Team Hug and everyone who participates the best of luck 🙂

Coming up! Direct from our Calendar:

  • October 4: Speak Now (the song) will get a 30-second preview on Comcast On Demand and starting one minute past midnight. E! News will show a clip and interview in the evening.
  • October 5: Speak Now (the song)  goes on sale on iTunes.


Speak Now - Taylor Swift